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gay wedding photographerWedding photographers have different ways of working, its best you study the kind of photographer and know the best way to work with him to avoid arguments later on. Yes! Everyone loves bonuses and would want an extra bonus from their gay wedding photographer during their wedding day. However, some photographers might give bonuses without the couple asking, why some would just work with the agreement between the couple and the photographer. In my opinion, I would say that it is very important to ask your wedding photographer for bonuses and be sure that he is giving the bonus.

Bonuses can be in form of extra number of wedding pictures, maybe ten extra or twenty, it could also be in form of a discount from the payment you are to pay the photographer. Whichever way I would strongly advice you ask ad be sure you are going to have some bonuses.

Reasons why you should ask for bonuses

  • To be sure that at the end of the day, you are entitled to some form of bonuses from your wedding photographer. Just like I said earlier, not all photographers give bonuses, so just to be certain if you would be getting a bonus or not, you have to find out from your wedding photographer if that would be possible. This is the reason why you need to have a chat with different photographers before your wedding day and especially when you are spending a lot of money on your weddings photos. Some photographers might just be as considerate by giving some bonuses like a 10% on your payment while some would want you to ask for it. In cases where you don’t ask for it, the gay wedding photographer might just assume you are ok with whatever he brings.
  • Another important reason why you need to ask for bonus from your photographer is to add such agreements in the wedding contract. Just to be on a safe side, ask that the bonus and the form be added or be clearly spelt out in the photography contract so everyone is happy at the end of the day. Adding such agreements in the contract of service puts the photographer in a position where he must fulfil such promises or agreement of giving a bonus.
  • Another reason why you should ask for a bonus is in situations where you are trying to save funds so you don’t get to spend so much on your wedding photos and you want to get images of probably all the moments that occurred at your wedding which carry amazing significance like during the time where the bride is preparing her dress, make ups and other things. The images captured during these moments can add to list of significant memories of your big day and it could be part of your bonus images. You don’t have to be quiet about asking for bonus from your photographer because you might just save some money that would be useful to put other things together

Now from the reasons, you would now see that most of the times it is important to ask the photographer for bonuses so at the end of the day so you won’t get disappointed. However if you are keen about hiring a gay wedding photographer that give bonuses to clients, I would suggest you find

Wedding Photography

Essex wedding photographerPre-wedding photos are also known as engagement photos. They are taken six to three months before the wedding. They are regarded to be photos that show connection between couples and they have become a growing trend. Choosing Essex can be a great idea because of the numerous beautiful locations. As a couple you might want to choose a place that is special to you or closest to your heart maybe places like where you first met or maybe a particular place where you both used to play way back when you were kids.

Nevertheless, if you have no idea at all on the best location or confused about where to have your pre-wedding shoots, here are four great locations recommended by the Essex wedding Photographer for a pre-wedding shoot.

  1. Clacton Beach

Clacton beach is a very quiet, clean and romantic beach to have a perfect pre-wedding photo shoot. From the calmness to the soft sand, you will definitely love everything about the beach. The cool breeze of the atmosphere puts you and your partner at so much peace enough to bring out the inner you. Having your pre-wedding photos at the beach can be really beautiful, especially walking by the side of the sea holding hands can be so much fun and it creates a new connection that probably you may have never had with your partner. Capturing these moments can be so romantic together.

  1. Layer Marney Tower

The Layer Marney tower is one of the most creative and unique location recommended by the Essex Wedding Photographer for a wonderful pre-wedding photo shoot session. It indeed a very beautiful location with so much to see. The wild life and beautiful gardens surrounding this magnificent location. The ancient buildings and long halls seem like the perfect definition of a pre-wedding photo shoot.

  1. Bluebell Wood Essex

If you are a nature lover, then a pre-wedding photo shoot at Bluebell Wood should be an awesome idea. Taking nature inspired photos makes your pre-wedding photos unique and portrays in it so much art. The beautiful colour of the grasses can add so much flavour to your pre-wedding photos. Nature has since time immemorial been an inspiration for creating beautiful pre-wedding photo shoots because it brings out the beautiful masterpiece created by nature.

  1. Amusement Parks

Taking pre-wedding photo shoots in an amusement park isn’t really common. Sometimes pre-wedding shoots can be inspired by certain memories and amusement part do strike such memories. The essence of taking pre-wedding photo shoots is mainly for the couples to be free and let their inner child connect with each other to get the perfect photo portraits. Taking photos why riding the roller coaster captures really beautiful moments of genuine friendship and laughter between both couples.

These few locations are really worth the try if you are looking for the perfect place to have your pre-wedding photo shoots. They are beautiful places that would give your pre-wedding photos a really good photo quality.

Want an award-winning Essex wedding photographer that would recommend the best locations for your pre-wedding photos and wedding venues, check out Justin Bailey Photography.

Wedding Photography

wedding photographer DublinThe interview is an important part in finding a professional wedding photographer Dublin. He might be the right guy for the job, but there are things like cost and extra services that you still need to consider. Not to mention that you need to know them well enough to entrust such an important job to them.

And here are the seven things you must ask every wedding photographer that you have shortlisted.

1. Past experience

Make sure that he’s not just pointing out his photography experience in general, but wedding photography in particular. Just because someone has been working with his camera for a long time, doesn’t mean he has what it takes to take wedding pictures. Experienced photographers don’t just know by books, but by heart, what to do at a wedding.

2. More portfolios

Ask to be shown more of his past works. Don’t just rely on what you see on the Internet as they could be the only pictures he had done great on. You want to see his overall works because that’s what you will be paying for. You also should not imagine that all your pictures will look nice just like those portfolios.

3. Package

Make sure that you know what is being offered to you and what you will be paying for. Ask in detail from how many photographers you will get, how many hours they will work for you to how many pictures approximately you will get. Ask about how many pictures are edited and included in the wedding album as well.

You may have seen the price of the package as listed on the wedding photographer Dublin’s site like But make sure to check it again with the photographer in case of recent changes.

4. Lead wedding photographer

Make sure that the person in charge of the photography at the end of the day if the person you have been consulting with. It’s not just about skill, but the photographer must know about your aspiration and plan for the day, too. If you are hiring more than one, make sure the lead wedding photographer is a professional you have been discussing with.

5. Style

Get to know the photographer’s personal style and how he usually works with his clients. Some photographers like to just remain invisible and lets the day unfolds naturally. This photographer is more likely to shoot in reportage style while there are also those who like to pose and choreograph how the pictures should look like.

6. What do you need from me?

Surprisingly, many couples forgot the fact that it’s not just about hiring them but helping the photographer to do their best. For example, some photographers face serious problems when there are too many guests who block their viewpoint. They cannot shoo them away nor can they just break through the crowd.

Ensure that your photographer has everything he needs from you and your wedding such as the latest itinerary and allocated positions whenever needed. A professional wedding photographer Dublin is only good if he is supported properly for the job.

Wedding Photography

gay wedding photographerThe decision to become a gay wedding photographer is not an easy one. Not just anyone can easily say that he wants to start shooting for wedding parties and open up a studio the next month. It’s a long journey ahead! Are you prepared for it?

What is your passion?

Some people work with a clearly defined passion or reason within them. Some people simply love the fact that they are able to spend time with people on their happiest day ever. Others just love the atmosphere of a wedding party and to be paid for the job doesn’t seem so bad! What are the drives that told you to work as a wedding photographer?

That motivation is important in the long run because sooner or later, you can reach a point where you simply feel bored and burdened by the job. During those times, it’s important to take a step back and analyze your motivation.

The challenges

Who says working as a wedding photographer is easy? Any professional can tell you that just because the job is something they are passionate of, it doesn’t mean that it’s cotton candy and smiles all the time! There are always guests trying to take over your job by crowding around the photographer, preventing you from taking pictures properly.

There are also moments when the weather simply hates the party and makes it impossible to take decent outdoor pictures. You are forced to think of ways to look at the interior of the building in different ways. And then there are ungrateful clients who are just looking for chances to sue you for whatever subjective reasons they could think of.

Suing is a pretty rare happening, though, as we ask Paul Grace Photography about it. Most clients don’t want to make their only wedding party in their life to end up in court just for money! But the others can be pretty real! It’s wise to know what you are about to face and to prepare.


No one will want to leave the responsibilities of taking wedding pictures to inexperienced individuals. Remember that this is a job where you are immediately shoved with a big responsibility and there is no ‘beginner’ zone for it. You need to get enough experience as a photographer in general or have enough by working with a professional gay wedding photographer.

Your clients have only one chance to do it right and they will be very careful in choosing their wedding photographer. Budget is limited, but many are willing to spend extra and more to find a reliable person, can you be that person?

Stay original!

When you’ve shot hundreds of weddings already, there might be times when you just want to cycle your ideas and… other people’s ideas. It’s pretty tempting because photographers cannot trademark poses they use on their model. Avoid doing this.

Be inspired by the work under other people as a gay wedding photographer and regularly train your creativity if necessary. Yes, it can be trained. Looking up for works on a wedding venue, for example, shouldn’t prompt you to use the same pose, but to be inspired to think of something better and different!

Wedding Photography

wedding photographer DerbyshireWe want to get a professional wedding photographer Derbyshire that is within our budget. That is the ideal situation, but we all realize that it’s often not the case. We cannot easily identify a real professional from the others as it’s not like we can hire them multiple times.

But there is still hope! We will show you the way to choose a photographer that will not disappoint you.

Let’s begin with getting to know what you need from your wedding photographer first. How good a photographer for you can be different with what we think as we have our own preferences. Some of us think a photographer should be able to do this while others want a photographer that edits pictures in a certain way.

You will be able to narrow down your search and won’t end up wasting time on photographers that you won’t consider anyway. Write down the list and discuss it with your partner to get an answer you can both agree with. After this, there are still more things to confirm. That is your wedding details and mainly the date and place.

A good photographer has to be available on your wedding date to be considered at all. We know that some couples are still unable to decide on a wedding venue, but we recommend you to decide on one before hiring a photographer.

Ask them questions!

The first meeting is where you introduce yourselves to each other and talk about the wedding photography. Make a list of things that you need to ask your wedding photographer Derbyshire. The questions should be covering various aspects of a photographer from experience to their personal preferences.

Of course, you can read up on their sites like about who they are before the meeting. In fact, you can roughly judge if this photographer is the person that you will enjoy working with on your wedding.

You should also ask about their work in general, such as how many wedding photography jobs they take each year. There has to be a limitation to how much they take. If they just choose to accept every offer, they’ll end up with overloading themselves and may compromise when working on your pictures. That’s absolutely not something that you want.

Talk about your preferences with the photographer and help them know which part of their style do you like the most. It’s best if you can show them examples of pictures that you enjoy looking at when you visited their site. Take note that a complete wedding album is the best way to judge the photographer’s work quality because that’s what you will receive. Not just one or two gorgeous pictures they put up.

Set aside some time

It’s important to have enough time to look for a photographer. There are many photographers to look from and you have to meet up with some of the candidates. You also have to spend some time making your decision with your partner.

There’s also the fact that the wedding photographer Derbyshire is not always available and you might not be able to hire him if you wait for too long.

Wedding Photography

alternative wedding photographerIn weddings, there are two sides, and capturing the stories from both sides can produce pictures of astounding memories. Moreover, many times, couples are amazed at how large their weddings turned out to be – they might have expected fewer people to grace the event. But when invites and news start to roll out, there really is little you can do to the spread.

Which brings us to the issue of an alternative wedding photographer. Should you have a second shooter? Or should you stick to one?

Normally, one professional and highly experienced photographer should be able to cover your event. But in reality, usually, it does not work that way.

Whatever photographs you have are photographs of your wedding photographer being in one place, at one time. Obviously, he or she cannot shuffle between the bride’s room and the groom’s room. And while he is busy capturing the bride’s make up and dress, he is missing important moments the groom is having with his best friends, while getting ready too.

One photographer cannot really suffice. Meanwhile, many photographers will include a second shooter in their packages. This is not good enough, as you cannot verify the skills and worth of that second photographer. Some will simply hire students or beginners.

It is important that you are able to hire your second photographer yourself and interview him or her. If it is possible, have both photographers meet before the wedding.

These are reasons you should have a second professional wedding photographer:

  1. Not Just More Photos

True and good enough, you get to have more pictures to choose from. And more pictures mean more memories for you and your grandchildren.

But a regular in-package second shooter will be able to provide that same service, that is, getting you more photographs. A second professional however, will get you more photos and more candid, exceptional ones. Keyword: professional.

While your first shooter is busy with the groom and his groomsmen, the second is taking equally good pictures of the bride’s parents or the groom’s parents in a conversation.

You don’t just get more photographs. You also get quality photographs. For instance, you should expect quality photographs when you hire someone like Liana Mitrea of as your alternative wedding photographer.

You also get to have pictures of the same place and scenario, but from different perspectives and angles. In fact, you can have the same scenario shot with different wedding photography styles. And if the words of Joni Eareckson Tada or Rory Sutherland are to go by, “perspective is everything”.

  1. An Alternative to Depend On

Having a second photographer will be the best decision you would have ever made, if your first photographer does not come through for one reason or the other.

Imagine your first photographer losing your pictures to a system virus or equipment damage. You have no hope but to rely on pictures taken by friends and families on their phones.

But a second shutterbug would have been a saving grace and a godsend in that kind of situation. With pictures from him, you can rest assured that your wedding memories are preserved.

  1. Efficiency

So, during the event, you take a look outside and see that the skies are dark and soon it might rain. You have plans for outside, to take as many portrait photographs as possible.

An alternative wedding photographer will make this faster and easier. While one photographer takes pictures of the groom’s family and friends, the other takes pictures of the bride’s family and buddies.

Baby Photography

Raleigh newborn photographer A lot expecting mothers these days love to have some pictures of their newborn babies and it’s a thing. However, you have a very short time window to do this and you must hurry! If you are too late in booking your newborn photography session, you may have to risk having the session taken a bit later after your baby is born. Here’s to when you should look for your Raleigh newborn photographer.

Photographers get overbooked!

Photographers can get multiple requests around the same date which is a very bad news. You need to have your photographer ready around your due date but there’s also the fact that you never know when you will exactly have your baby! That’s why you need to book fast.

Photographers will set a few days off around each assigned date of their clients. That is why you most likely won’t be able to find an available photographer if you start looking at them after you have your baby.

On your 2nd trimester

The second trimester of your pregnancy is the best time to look for a newborn photographer. There are mainly two reasons for this. The first one is because the second trimester is the best months of pregnancy. You feel the least discomfort and are able to move around better. During other months, you might have bad acid reflux and back pain, making it hard to make trips to newborn photographers.

You will also have a better chance of finding a photographer that is available. Note that you are not just looking for any photographer, but a professional Raleigh newborn photographer like That is why you need to be early in planning.

What to look?

Make sure that the newborn photographer isn’t just a photographer that does everything. He or she has to be someone with enough experience in baby photo shoot because babies are different from your typical portrait photography. Babies are sensitive and they cannot be given orders or suggestions. You have to move and pose them yourself.

There is also the fact that the use of certain props can be dangerous to your baby if the photographer doesn’t know how to use them. A professional photographer will do better with this and you don’t have to worry much like that.

This is also why you need to look early. Just like you, many other parents are also looking for a professional newborn photographer on their own and you are competing with them. If you keep waiting and procrastinate, you will be forced to postpone your photography session or have to book someone you favor less.

To sum up

You need to plan your newborn session as early as in your second trimester. You need to take time in looking for the right Raleigh wedding photographer by browsing and interviewing them face-to-face. Afterward, you need to plan around your due date. The call has to be made as soon as you have your baby, so you can make plans with your photographer.

In case that you are already beyond your second trimester, it is never too late. Start looking now! Have your partner, close friends or family members help you with looking for the photographer. Because if you wait, you might not even get to find a suitable photographer at all.

Wedding Photography

Napa wedding photographerWhatever you do for a living, you most likely interact with people throughout your day at work. Whether they are clients directly or your coworkers, we all have our own pet peeves that keep us entertained, but also annoyed. The same goes for being a Napa wedding photographer.

If this is a couple in search of a photographer, read on to make sure you are not unconsciously pissing your photographer off. For fellow photographers, you can know that you’re not alone in facing the hurdles 2018 has brought to us. For those with no purpose, well, simply enjoy the following story.

Who doesn’t own a smartphone these days? You can browse for a cheap smartphone at $100. Add a few bucks if you want one with a more decent camera. This is a good sign on advancement in society as so many things are literally at the grip of your hand. You can also take crystal clear pictures from your phone with simple filters like sepia and bokeh.

But that’s also where the problem lies. More and more people are thinking that the job of a photographer has been well replaced by high-quality cameras that exist in smartphones today. They think photographers aren’t supposed to cost that high to hire when all they do is taking pictures.

Well, no! Stop that notion, people. Editing pictures aren’t as simple as those one-click filters on your phone. To ensure that the pictures look perfect even when you zoom into the picture, photographers have to carefully edit and clean it. Try looking at some of the best wedding pictures by a Napa wedding photographer from

Editing those pictures requires time.

A photographer will also be able to edit better if he’s the sole photographer and the idea owner of what kind of pictures he wanted to capture. There’s also the fact that a photographer can take pictures way better than you think you want. Sometimes, we wish to have our wedding pictures to look like this, not knowing that there is a ton of better ways to do it.

Another annoying problem that is born from owning smartphones is how it’s turning everyone into a wannabe photographer. Sure, it’s a great way to capture great memories from a small device without having to hang a heavy camera around your neck. But pictures quality from the phone cannot compare to DSLRs that are handled by professionals.

There are ISO, aperture, exposure, white balance and so many things a photographer has to understand. He has to know which settings is best to use on what kind of condition. A professional Napa wedding photographer typically knows the kind of problems wedding photography poses. They were trained and experienced in it, giving you an enjoyable session free of worries.

Such ability can only be gained if your photographer is a professional, not a hobbyist that just love to take pictures. And also not by your over-enthusiast guests that always want to take away the photographer’s spot in capturing wedding moments.

Wedding Photography

alternative wedding photographyAlternative wedding photographer Scotland usually has it different. It doesn’t mean that you’ll always end up with the weirdest and most anti-mainstream clients; there are still a lot of people that love just the typical dreamy wedding. But since you’ve delved into the path, it’s time that you also learn to figure out how to become a better and professional alternative photographer.

Know their wish

Clients that want something different tend to want something that zero to few others have done before. It just means that you most likely have never faced people with a similar request and this will be your first time. There’s always a first-time for everything, particularly for alternative photographers.

To be able to do it correctly, you need to be able to understand your client. It’s not easy and you might not really understand on your first meeting with them. But that just means that you need to invest more time into them. Invite them to chat more often and do your own research, too.

Becoming someone that understands their aspiration will help your work and performance. You’ll also be able to take better pictures according to how they wish to see them.

Show your differences

In order to assure people that you have the ability to take up pictures of different environment and aspiration. It’s especially useful to show your capabilities early on for those who seek it. Remember to leave some notes on these wedding pictures, such as what the couples wished for and how the party was.

Check out the portfolios of, a professional alternative wedding photographer Scotland and think about how you feel. What were the pictures telling you? Could you feel the aspiration of the couples whose pictures were taken?

Work alone

For the most part, you’ll work alone. When a client wants a photographer that understands them, it’s only normal that you’d be working alone to do that all. A second shooter is only useful when you’re shooting at a really big wedding party, which would be a rare occurrence.

This means you need to get used to handling everything on your own. From taking the pictures to editing them, you need to have a clear image of what you want to see at the end of the editing process before taking the pictures.

Spend more time preparing

As you know that you’ll be going up to a job that is different from the usual, be sure to prepare yourself more. If it’s necessary, visit the venue beforehand and do research on that place before the wedding day. Make use of every chance to learn more about shooting in that particular place or style that your client wishes.

Think about how you can make sure that you’re taking romantic, memorable, but also special pictures for the couples. The reason they chose that particular place and hold the wedding in a particular way means there’s something they love about it. Try to capture that something for them.

An alternative wedding photographer Scotland may have to constantly figure out the things he should do with his next client like a beginner, but that’s also the fun and it’s up to you to enjoy it or not.

Photography Tips

newborn photographyTo make sure that your newborn photography session goes smooth, it’s terribly important to know these few things. Be sure to read this now, not later when you’re going to your photography session tomorrow.

And here are some explanations that you’ll definitely appreciate.

Newborn time range

The first thing you need to remember is that the time range for a baby to still be called newborn is short. The characteristics and behavior are even shorter. It lasts for only a couple of days to 2 weeks at the longest. It means that you need to have your newborn session as early as possible.

What if you can’t get a session done within it? Most probably, you won’t be getting newborn shots anymore. Older babies will look similar for the 2 to 3 years. Newborns are special in that they are very quiet and physically very frail and beautiful.

Formal and lifestyle

You can do a newborn session at home or at the studio of your photographer. Some photographers excel in the studio while others, in lifestyle. So, depending on your preference, you can look for your photographers with that specific in mind.

In the studio, the photographer will move and pose the baby on the set with various props involved. There are usually a lot of cute props that you won’t be able to stand not see your little one in. In lifestyle, fewer props are involved, but the set that is your house will create a warm and nice ambient in the picture.

We recommend a newborn photography site at She’s one of the most professional we’ve ever known and you won’t regret to at least make a visit here. She does well for both formal and lifestyle.

There are several requirements for your house to be allowed for lifestyle use. It has to have enough natural source of light shining in. The photographer will also scout the place and see if it’ll be good enough for a session to take place.

You might get tired of waiting

A newborn session can go from an hour to 4 hours! You might get tired just by hearing how long it is. It’s due to the fact that the photographer has to manually move the baby here and there as he changes the props. Safety also needs to be made sure throughout the session, hence, the long hours needed.

Bring something to read or a friend to accompany you. You should also try to relax and take your time to rest while waiting.

Safety is always important

Above anything, you need to understand the safety measures photographers need to have. Several poses and use of props should be done under the close care of an adult and edited.

For example, you’ve seen babies who had their head rested on their pair of hands. That pose isn’t possible to be done if an adult doesn’t hold the head up. Those pair of small hands isn’t strong enough to hold the baby’s head up. Another example would be the use of hanging bags in newborn photography.

Understanding these will help you prepare better for your photography session.

Congratulations on your new bump!

Wedding Photography

wedding photography CornwallMany couples understand that the success and beauty that they see in many wedding pictures don’t just happen. It requires effort from both sides; the couples and the photographers. That includes avoiding the things that couples ‘thought’ will help in the process of wedding photography Cornwall. Others made mistake in the process of selecting their photographers.

Below are the mistakes that maybe you thought you should do for your wedding photographer. It’s not too late to figure out actual right things you can do for your photographer!

Look beyond price

Some people made it clear to their photographer that price is all that matters. Some think expensive price means a higher quality of service. Others only care about paying the minimum price as long as they get a ‘professional photographer’ to do it.

The explanation beyond this incident is that engaged couples are rarely informed about how to choose the right photographer. Nor have they done this before, unless their job makes them directly get involved in the process. Making your decision simply based on price and few talks on skills will disappoint you.

Experience can and can’t speak

Others think that hiring someone with the longest experience is better. Photographers with 30 years of experience seem very capable to handle whatever problems and hurdles thrown to them. On the other side of the picture, there are people who completely disregard experience as the Internet is filled with ‘advice’ saying ‘experience cannot determine professionalism’.

That is true, yet not so much. Experience is a very important factor in whatever kind of job you’re applying it. Look at this site,, which offers professional wedding photography Cornwall service. You can see that the photographer is happy to mention that he’s been doing this for years.

As the first opinion said, having an experience makes them people who at least know what they are doing and what to expect. It doesn’t make the three of you newbies in the field and be anxious about what’s to come. At the same time, there’s also the necessity to check if your photographer has been keeping up all these years with the latest changes and movements in wedding photography.

Making changes without discussing

Your photographer wants to be involved in the discussion that’s going to bring changes to your wedding. Whether that’s the look or the itinerary, your photographer has to be informed right away, or at least before the wedding day. Although, most photographers do check out the procession of the day before it starts when they arrive.

This is because you cannot risk your photographer coming unprepared. Different conditions can call for different preparations and gears. This indicates changes that reflect the look or decoration, so most of the time, there’s no need to report to your photographer if it’s something minor like the change in a flower arrangement.

You also want to show respect to the professionalism that your photographer bears. A lot of couples don’t feel like telling their photographers things because they are ‘outsiders’. But believe this; they perform as good as how you trust and treat them. That includes giving them the attention and information they deserve as your wedding photography Cornwall provider.

Wedding Photography

wedding photographers KentWe all know that more is always better, but it’s not always worth the resources. Yes, while you can see a lot of wedding photographers Kent are offering all the great things about having double shooters for your wedding, what’s the catch?

We look forward to helping you see the true colors and make a better decision for your wedding without unnecessarily spending on things that don’t bring as many benefits as you’ve spent.

Small area

Are you planning a private wedding party? Then obviously, two shooters will make the place much crowder. The last thing you want would be having two strangers in the room, which has been made ‘private’ for a reason.

If your wedding party is going to happen in a small room with guests no more than 40 or 50 people, one professional photographer is enough to tackle the job. This is something they do every day and it’s not going to pose a challenge to them.

Static cameras

If you’re wondering if they’ll do well during the ceremony, don’t worry. These days we have what photographers usually call, tripod. By placing cameras on a tripod in a strategic location, a photographer can get multiple shots of a single event from multiple angles.

Not so the professional second shooter

You expect only professional results and, let’s be frank, some of us can’t ignore the fact that if our photographer brings along an ‘assistant’, that person is not going to take pictures as good as the pro. It’s also not like we’d love to keep those pictures but we’ve paid for it as well.

You can see in and imagine if a mere assistant of wedding photographers Kent can snap these gorgeous pictures, too. There’s a big difference in skill and experience or they wouldn’t be called a pro for no reason!

Spam pictures

Some others try working on a partnership with other photographers in the same wedding. What happens next is that they perform individually, which means they’ll end up taking the same shot of the same thing. And then they’ll include all of those into the USB drive, making you think that you’ve got lots of pictures.

In reality, those pictures are repetitive and no one appreciates 5 same pictures of a flower table arrangement. Teamwork is a very important quality which can only be achieved if the two have worked together for a very long time.

This also eliminates the perk of getting a ‘better coverage’ because the two photographers are unable to find out who’s done where and what.

Waste of budget

If you’re not getting excellent benefits and also have the need for one more guy to do the job, it’s absolutely a waste of money for getting one more photographer. Two wedding photographers Kent is only great when you have a big wedding party and you also know that the two photographers are people with great teamwork.

Single pro photographer costs much less, as you can guess, They do things alone, which means you can trust that this person will personally handle all your pictures and not leave them in the hands of a beginner.

If one professional guy can slay the job perfectly fine, why get a trouble with two, potentially unequally skilled photographers?

Wedding Photography

wedding photographer LeicesterLike every other contract you sign, you always have to read the fine print and make sure that you are 100% sure of what they mean. You don’t want to be in the middle of the shooting process when you realize that you are not getting what you expected. More exactly, what you thought you’ll get.

The guy that will work on your pictures

Who’s the photographer later? You want to make sure that you’ve been talking and expressing various things to the right person. During your discussion ask for clarity about who your wedding photographer Leicester will be. Oliver Kershaw Photography is a studio where the main photographer of every wedding is Oliver himself, so you can be sure that it won’t be an inexperienced photographer that is sent to your only wedding party.

If my photographer is covered by insurance

You also want to make sure that your photographer has insurance covering him for any possible damages that could be done during the day. Supposedly some tripped on his lighting prop and breaks it accidentally; who’s paying? Knowing that your photographer is insured will put you at ease without having to go through head-splitting issue should anything unfortunate happen.

Ask your photographer to show you his proof of insurance to be 100% sure of it.

If I’m allowed to sound my opinion freely and subjectively

Some photographers are actually threatening if any clients are giving them negative reviews, they can be sued. This is concerning as it’s against the legal law that anyone can sound their opinions freely as long as it is based on a reliable fact. If the fact is that you are disappointed with the pictures you’ve received, you are supposedly safe enough to tell others about it. Although the court will protect you, you know that this photographer is a lot of trouble to start with.

Number of pictures and when you’ll get them

Be sure that you’ll get the number of pictures as you’ve signed the contract and that it will be made available at the time they’ve promised. These are all supposedly printed in detail in the fine print, so if your photographer is taking years to finish that wedding album, it’s time for him to look for a lawyer.

Copyright details

This is one of the most important aspects of wedding pictures. You need to make sure who will own the copyrights to all the pictures you’ve received. Why? Because this will affect how you can use them, especially the digital files.

Some couples don’t really check their fine print and ended up posting a number of their wedding pictures online without watermark. They can be sued for using copyrighted pictures without permissions.

Cancellation policy

In the case that you or photographer has to cancel the booking for any reasons, what are the consequences? How is the money refunded and will they look for a professional photographer to replace them? Should you pay a fee for canceling the booking two weeks before the wedding or two years before it?

Reading the fine print and save both of you from legal fees, time, and effort. This happy occasion should be something to be remembered with a smile on your face, not with wrinkled brow.

Wedding Photography

wedding photographer HampshireWhat is the most important thing to become a wedding photographer Hampshire? In fact, let’s take a look at those gorgeous pictures from and meditate. We all who visited this particular article wants to know what is it that makes these photographers amazing.

Experience is gained on the way

No one starts with an experience. We all start somewhere. So, it’s important that you decide where that somewhere will be. Will you just go on and accept that offer, or maybe prepare yourself further?

One thing you should note is that customers want a proof. Even way before you take their pictures, that you are capable of doing it. Experience and portfolios are often thrown in, but in all honesty, they just want to see others who’ve tried you and see how it turned out. If they look beautiful, amazing, and simply stunning, they’ll come to a conclusion that, yes, you’re capable.

Getting your first experience

Then, how do I get that proof? Easy. You take wedding pictures! If you haven’t already, start investing in those pictures. And what’s great about technology is that you don’t even have to print them out just yet. Take as many pictures from as many weddings as you can (that you are invited too of course). Ask for the couples’ permission to become the backup shooter.

If they hire a professional shooter themselves, this is a great opportunity to ask if you can work with them. No better way to learn than observing directly. Take your time to learn everything you can and need. From gears, interpersonal skills, photography skills, down to the album decoration and presentation.

Keep the fire lit

Early on the job, you’ll be full of adrenaline and excitement. Your eyes brim with life as you see customers ringing in and answer all emails with enthusiasm. Keep that up. Like, seriously, somewhere down the road, you will really need to keep that enthusiasm up.

Grumpy and not-so-friendly clients

Every line of business will be met with such people. Those that don’t really understand how things work, but still act like they understand everything. Or those who just want to control, command, and tell you everything you have to do.

This is the kind of time where you need to keep the passion on and remember the very next piece of advice.

Interpersonal and social skills

You may want to start with knowing your personality type and try to explore your weaknesses in communication. Will you be able to become a good listener? Are you the type that is flexible towards things? Do you love meeting new people and getting close to them?

Whether you’re an introvert or extrovert, it’s not a suitable reason for the fact that you are unable to convince your customers or worse, being rude to them. Surely, some are pretty nosy while others are just complete jerks, but it’s up to you to not make those people the bane of your business.

If temper management is your problem, learn to calm down. If initiating conversation is your weakness, learn to have confidence.

You might be surprised that we are not even mentioning about what gears should a wedding photographer Hampshire should have. What is mentioned here, though, are common problems that many photographers till today still face! So, give these important things a thought and proceed to start your photography business!