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7 Things to Ask Your Wedding Photographer Dublin

wedding photographer DublinThe interview is an important part in finding a professional wedding photographer Dublin. He might be the right guy for the job, but there are things like cost and extra services that you still need to consider. Not to mention that you need to know them well enough to entrust such an important job to them.

And here are the seven things you must ask every wedding photographer that you have shortlisted.

1. Past experience

Make sure that he’s not just pointing out his photography experience in general, but wedding photography in particular. Just because someone has been working with his camera for a long time, doesn’t mean he has what it takes to take wedding pictures. Experienced photographers don’t just know by books, but by heart, what to do at a wedding.

2. More portfolios

Ask to be shown more of his past works. Don’t just rely on what you see on the Internet as they could be the only pictures he had done great on. You want to see his overall works because that’s what you will be paying for. You also should not imagine that all your pictures will look nice just like those portfolios.

3. Package

Make sure that you know what is being offered to you and what you will be paying for. Ask in detail from how many photographers you will get, how many hours they will work for you to how many pictures approximately you will get. Ask about how many pictures are edited and included in the wedding album as well.

You may have seen the price of the package as listed on the wedding photographer Dublin’s site like But make sure to check it again with the photographer in case of recent changes.

4. Lead wedding photographer

Make sure that the person in charge of the photography at the end of the day if the person you have been consulting with. It’s not just about skill, but the photographer must know about your aspiration and plan for the day, too. If you are hiring more than one, make sure the lead wedding photographer is a professional you have been discussing with.

5. Style

Get to know the photographer’s personal style and how he usually works with his clients. Some photographers like to just remain invisible and lets the day unfolds naturally. This photographer is more likely to shoot in reportage style while there are also those who like to pose and choreograph how the pictures should look like.

6. What do you need from me?

Surprisingly, many couples forgot the fact that it’s not just about hiring them but helping the photographer to do their best. For example, some photographers face serious problems when there are too many guests who block their viewpoint. They cannot shoo them away nor can they just break through the crowd.

Ensure that your photographer has everything he needs from you and your wedding such as the latest itinerary and allocated positions whenever needed. A professional wedding photographer Dublin is only good if he is supported properly for the job.