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Alternative Wedding Photography: Different, But Still Professional

alternative wedding photographyAlternative wedding photographer Scotland usually has it different. It doesn’t mean that you’ll always end up with the weirdest and most anti-mainstream clients; there are still a lot of people that love just the typical dreamy wedding. But since you’ve delved into the path, it’s time that you also learn to figure out how to become a better and professional alternative photographer.

Know their wish

Clients that want something different tend to want something that zero to few others have done before. It just means that you most likely have never faced people with a similar request and this will be your first time. There’s always a first-time for everything, particularly for alternative photographers.

To be able to do it correctly, you need to be able to understand your client. It’s not easy and you might not really understand on your first meeting with them. But that just means that you need to invest more time into them. Invite them to chat more often and do your own research, too.

Becoming someone that understands their aspiration will help your work and performance. You’ll also be able to take better pictures according to how they wish to see them.

Show your differences

In order to assure people that you have the ability to take up pictures of different environment and aspiration. It’s especially useful to show your capabilities early on for those who seek it. Remember to leave some notes on these wedding pictures, such as what the couples wished for and how the party was.

Check out the portfolios of, a professional alternative wedding photographer Scotland and think about how you feel. What were the pictures telling you? Could you feel the aspiration of the couples whose pictures were taken?

Work alone

For the most part, you’ll work alone. When a client wants a photographer that understands them, it’s only normal that you’d be working alone to do that all. A second shooter is only useful when you’re shooting at a really big wedding party, which would be a rare occurrence.

This means you need to get used to handling everything on your own. From taking the pictures to editing them, you need to have a clear image of what you want to see at the end of the editing process before taking the pictures.

Spend more time preparing

As you know that you’ll be going up to a job that is different from the usual, be sure to prepare yourself more. If it’s necessary, visit the venue beforehand and do research on that place before the wedding day. Make use of every chance to learn more about shooting in that particular place or style that your client wishes.

Think about how you can make sure that you’re taking romantic, memorable, but also special pictures for the couples. The reason they chose that particular place and hold the wedding in a particular way means there’s something they love about it. Try to capture that something for them.

An alternative wedding photographer Scotland may have to constantly figure out the things he should do with his next client like a beginner, but that’s also the fun and it’s up to you to enjoy it or not.