Wedding Photography

Easy Tips to Remember for a Successful Wedding Photography

There’s a lot of thing to do in a wedding photography.

wedding photography HertfordshireParticularly in a party, so many things happen at once and you might just feel overwhelmed while trying to stay calm and friendly (because looking grumpy just does not help with your job and even scares people off, you don’t want to send the album with pictures of people getting scared and uncomfortable, do you?).

It’s okay, take your time, if this is your first or just second, you might still get nervous and wonder if you will be able to pull off this one all right. These are some tips for your wedding photography Hertfordshire to go smoothly.

Prepare, check and recheck.

Every and each time, remind yourself to do this, especially if you know that you have the tendency to forget stuffs. Write a list of your gears if you must for every wedding photography Hertfordshire you will work on, so you don’t mix up. Nothing is worse than bringing the wrong camera, low battery or wrong lenses.

Also check with the time and venue you have agreed on. Call and confirm for one last time, so you don’t make any mistake. This is helpful, so even for the most careless photographer won’t make such a mistake.

Venue check and lightning

Visit once before the actual wedding if you are not well-informed of the place. Knowing how far you will reach there, where the wedding will be held and the kind of place, environment and view will give you a much better idea of the kind of pictures you will make. If possible, visit when a rehearsal is going on with your client. Look for angles, perspectives and note the schedule of the party.

To light or not is up to your expertise. It widely depends on the place, whether it is indoor or outdoor, whether it’s daylight or nighttime, crowded or private, dim or bright, that would be another topic to discuss, but to even know if you will need certain lightning equipment, you need to make a visit directly to the venue to understand.

Group shot help

In a party of less than 8, group shot is easy and usually takes on 15 minutes or less. People do not go around talk to each other and are easy to handle. But, what about a crowd of 10 or even 20 people made up of relatives, friends and acquaintances?

It definitely takes time and effort, but you as the photographer will not want to stand around for 30 minutes just trying to gather people, not yet included with posing and fitting into the frame. There are many group shots to take and the time won’t allow you to stand around and wait. Tell your clients that for a crowd, you will need someone they are familiar with to herd the flock and fasten the group shot stage so no further charge for additional time will be made.

Get friendly

I know, it seems trivial, because you are only working on one project and no more. But the effect of a positive relationship with your clients, and the guests when on the job will reflect on the pictures that you take. Emotions are less restricted, subjects are more confident in your skill and people tend to smile if you smile (because smiling, as research has proven, is contagious).