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Four Great Locations in Essex Recommended by the Essex Wedding Photographer for Pre-Wedding Shoots

Essex wedding photographerPre-wedding photos are also known as engagement photos. They are taken six to three months before the wedding. They are regarded to be photos that show connection between couples and they have become a growing trend. Choosing Essex can be a great idea because of the numerous beautiful locations. As a couple you might want to choose a place that is special to you or closest to your heart maybe places like where you first met or maybe a particular place where you both used to play way back when you were kids.

Nevertheless, if you have no idea at all on the best location or confused about where to have your pre-wedding shoots, here are four great locations recommended by the Essex wedding Photographer for a pre-wedding shoot.

  1. Clacton Beach

Clacton beach is a very quiet, clean and romantic beach to have a perfect pre-wedding photo shoot. From the calmness to the soft sand, you will definitely love everything about the beach. The cool breeze of the atmosphere puts you and your partner at so much peace enough to bring out the inner you. Having your pre-wedding photos at the beach can be really beautiful, especially walking by the side of the sea holding hands can be so much fun and it creates a new connection that probably you may have never had with your partner. Capturing these moments can be so romantic together.

  1. Layer Marney Tower

The Layer Marney tower is one of the most creative and unique location recommended by the Essex Wedding Photographer for a wonderful pre-wedding photo shoot session. It indeed a very beautiful location with so much to see. The wild life and beautiful gardens surrounding this magnificent location. The ancient buildings and long halls seem like the perfect definition of a pre-wedding photo shoot.

  1. Bluebell Wood Essex

If you are a nature lover, then a pre-wedding photo shoot at Bluebell Wood should be an awesome idea. Taking nature inspired photos makes your pre-wedding photos unique and portrays in it so much art. The beautiful colour of the grasses can add so much flavour to your pre-wedding photos. Nature has since time immemorial been an inspiration for creating beautiful pre-wedding photo shoots because it brings out the beautiful masterpiece created by nature.

  1. Amusement Parks

Taking pre-wedding photo shoots in an amusement park isn’t really common. Sometimes pre-wedding shoots can be inspired by certain memories and amusement part do strike such memories. The essence of taking pre-wedding photo shoots is mainly for the couples to be free and let their inner child connect with each other to get the perfect photo portraits. Taking photos why riding the roller coaster captures really beautiful moments of genuine friendship and laughter between both couples.

These few locations are really worth the try if you are looking for the perfect place to have your pre-wedding photo shoots. They are beautiful places that would give your pre-wedding photos a really good photo quality.

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