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Newborn Photography: Explanations for New Mothers

newborn photographyTo make sure that your newborn photography session goes smooth, it’s terribly important to know these few things. Be sure to read this now, not later when you’re going to your photography session tomorrow.

And here are some explanations that you’ll definitely appreciate.

Newborn time range

The first thing you need to remember is that the time range for a baby to still be called newborn is short. The characteristics and behavior are even shorter. It lasts for only a couple of days to 2 weeks at the longest. It means that you need to have your newborn session as early as possible.

What if you can’t get a session done within it? Most probably, you won’t be getting newborn shots anymore. Older babies will look similar for the 2 to 3 years. Newborns are special in that they are very quiet and physically very frail and beautiful.

Formal and lifestyle

You can do a newborn session at home or at the studio of your photographer. Some photographers excel in the studio while others, in lifestyle. So, depending on your preference, you can look for your photographers with that specific in mind.

In the studio, the photographer will move and pose the baby on the set with various props involved. There are usually a lot of cute props that you won’t be able to stand not see your little one in. In lifestyle, fewer props are involved, but the set that is your house will create a warm and nice ambient in the picture.

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There are several requirements for your house to be allowed for lifestyle use. It has to have enough natural source of light shining in. The photographer will also scout the place and see if it’ll be good enough for a session to take place.

You might get tired of waiting

A newborn session can go from an hour to 4 hours! You might get tired just by hearing how long it is. It’s due to the fact that the photographer has to manually move the baby here and there as he changes the props. Safety also needs to be made sure throughout the session, hence, the long hours needed.

Bring something to read or a friend to accompany you. You should also try to relax and take your time to rest while waiting.

Safety is always important

Above anything, you need to understand the safety measures photographers need to have. Several poses and use of props should be done under the close care of an adult and edited.

For example, you’ve seen babies who had their head rested on their pair of hands. That pose isn’t possible to be done if an adult doesn’t hold the head up. Those pair of small hands isn’t strong enough to hold the baby’s head up. Another example would be the use of hanging bags in newborn photography.

Understanding these will help you prepare better for your photography session.

Congratulations on your new bump!