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Two Shooters: Is it Always All Good?

wedding photographers KentWe all know that more is always better, but it’s not always worth the resources. Yes, while you can see a lot of wedding photographers Kent are offering all the great things about having double shooters for your wedding, what’s the catch?

We look forward to helping you see the true colors and make a better decision for your wedding without unnecessarily spending on things that don’t bring as many benefits as you’ve spent.

Small area

Are you planning a private wedding party? Then obviously, two shooters will make the place much crowder. The last thing you want would be having two strangers in the room, which has been made ‘private’ for a reason.

If your wedding party is going to happen in a small room with guests no more than 40 or 50 people, one professional photographer is enough to tackle the job. This is something they do every day and it’s not going to pose a challenge to them.

Static cameras

If you’re wondering if they’ll do well during the ceremony, don’t worry. These days we have what photographers usually call, tripod. By placing cameras on a tripod in a strategic location, a photographer can get multiple shots of a single event from multiple angles.

Not so the professional second shooter

You expect only professional results and, let’s be frank, some of us can’t ignore the fact that if our photographer brings along an ‘assistant’, that person is not going to take pictures as good as the pro. It’s also not like we’d love to keep those pictures but we’ve paid for it as well.

You can see in and imagine if a mere assistant of wedding photographers Kent can snap these gorgeous pictures, too. There’s a big difference in skill and experience or they wouldn’t be called a pro for no reason!

Spam pictures

Some others try working on a partnership with other photographers in the same wedding. What happens next is that they perform individually, which means they’ll end up taking the same shot of the same thing. And then they’ll include all of those into the USB drive, making you think that you’ve got lots of pictures.

In reality, those pictures are repetitive and no one appreciates 5 same pictures of a flower table arrangement. Teamwork is a very important quality which can only be achieved if the two have worked together for a very long time.

This also eliminates the perk of getting a ‘better coverage’ because the two photographers are unable to find out who’s done where and what.

Waste of budget

If you’re not getting excellent benefits and also have the need for one more guy to do the job, it’s absolutely a waste of money for getting one more photographer. Two wedding photographers Kent is only great when you have a big wedding party and you also know that the two photographers are people with great teamwork.

Single pro photographer costs much less, as you can guess, They do things alone, which means you can trust that this person will personally handle all your pictures and not leave them in the hands of a beginner.

If one professional guy can slay the job perfectly fine, why get a trouble with two, potentially unequally skilled photographers?