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Two Will Do: Hiring A Second Professional Wedding Photographer

alternative wedding photographerIn weddings, there are two sides, and capturing the stories from both sides can produce pictures of astounding memories. Moreover, many times, couples are amazed at how large their weddings turned out to be – they might have expected fewer people to grace the event. But when invites and news start to roll out, there really is little you can do to the spread.

Which brings us to the issue of an alternative wedding photographer. Should you have a second shooter? Or should you stick to one?

Normally, one professional and highly experienced photographer should be able to cover your event. But in reality, usually, it does not work that way.

Whatever photographs you have are photographs of your wedding photographer being in one place, at one time. Obviously, he or she cannot shuffle between the bride’s room and the groom’s room. And while he is busy capturing the bride’s make up and dress, he is missing important moments the groom is having with his best friends, while getting ready too.

One photographer cannot really suffice. Meanwhile, many photographers will include a second shooter in their packages. This is not good enough, as you cannot verify the skills and worth of that second photographer. Some will simply hire students or beginners.

It is important that you are able to hire your second photographer yourself and interview him or her. If it is possible, have both photographers meet before the wedding.

These are reasons you should have a second professional wedding photographer:

  1. Not Just More Photos

True and good enough, you get to have more pictures to choose from. And more pictures mean more memories for you and your grandchildren.

But a regular in-package second shooter will be able to provide that same service, that is, getting you more photographs. A second professional however, will get you more photos and more candid, exceptional ones. Keyword: professional.

While your first shooter is busy with the groom and his groomsmen, the second is taking equally good pictures of the bride’s parents or the groom’s parents in a conversation.

You don’t just get more photographs. You also get quality photographs. For instance, you should expect quality photographs when you hire someone like Liana Mitrea of as your alternative wedding photographer.

You also get to have pictures of the same place and scenario, but from different perspectives and angles. In fact, you can have the same scenario shot with different wedding photography styles. And if the words of Joni Eareckson Tada or Rory Sutherland are to go by, “perspective is everything”.

  1. An Alternative to Depend On

Having a second photographer will be the best decision you would have ever made, if your first photographer does not come through for one reason or the other.

Imagine your first photographer losing your pictures to a system virus or equipment damage. You have no hope but to rely on pictures taken by friends and families on their phones.

But a second shutterbug would have been a saving grace and a godsend in that kind of situation. With pictures from him, you can rest assured that your wedding memories are preserved.

  1. Efficiency

So, during the event, you take a look outside and see that the skies are dark and soon it might rain. You have plans for outside, to take as many portrait photographs as possible.

An alternative wedding photographer will make this faster and easier. While one photographer takes pictures of the groom’s family and friends, the other takes pictures of the bride’s family and buddies.