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Wedding Photographer’s Most Annoying Moment 2018

Napa wedding photographerWhatever you do for a living, you most likely interact with people throughout your day at work. Whether they are clients directly or your coworkers, we all have our own pet peeves that keep us entertained, but also annoyed. The same goes for being a Napa wedding photographer.

If this is a couple in search of a photographer, read on to make sure you are not unconsciously pissing your photographer off. For fellow photographers, you can know that you’re not alone in facing the hurdles 2018 has brought to us. For those with no purpose, well, simply enjoy the following story.

Who doesn’t own a smartphone these days? You can browse for a cheap smartphone at $100. Add a few bucks if you want one with a more decent camera. This is a good sign on advancement in society as so many things are literally at the grip of your hand. You can also take crystal clear pictures from your phone with simple filters like sepia and bokeh.

But that’s also where the problem lies. More and more people are thinking that the job of a photographer has been well replaced by high-quality cameras that exist in smartphones today. They think photographers aren’t supposed to cost that high to hire when all they do is taking pictures.

Well, no! Stop that notion, people. Editing pictures aren’t as simple as those one-click filters on your phone. To ensure that the pictures look perfect even when you zoom into the picture, photographers have to carefully edit and clean it. Try looking at some of the best wedding pictures by a Napa wedding photographer from

Editing those pictures requires time.

A photographer will also be able to edit better if he’s the sole photographer and the idea owner of what kind of pictures he wanted to capture. There’s also the fact that a photographer can take pictures way better than you think you want. Sometimes, we wish to have our wedding pictures to look like this, not knowing that there is a ton of better ways to do it.

Another annoying problem that is born from owning smartphones is how it’s turning everyone into a wannabe photographer. Sure, it’s a great way to capture great memories from a small device without having to hang a heavy camera around your neck. But pictures quality from the phone cannot compare to DSLRs that are handled by professionals.

There are ISO, aperture, exposure, white balance and so many things a photographer has to understand. He has to know which settings is best to use on what kind of condition. A professional Napa wedding photographer typically knows the kind of problems wedding photography poses. They were trained and experienced in it, giving you an enjoyable session free of worries.

Such ability can only be gained if your photographer is a professional, not a hobbyist that just love to take pictures. And also not by your over-enthusiast guests that always want to take away the photographer’s spot in capturing wedding moments.