Wedding Photography

You Want to Be a Gay Wedding Photographer?

gay wedding photographerThe decision to become a gay wedding photographer is not an easy one. Not just anyone can easily say that he wants to start shooting for wedding parties and open up a studio the next month. It’s a long journey ahead! Are you prepared for it?

What is your passion?

Some people work with a clearly defined passion or reason within them. Some people simply love the fact that they are able to spend time with people on their happiest day ever. Others just love the atmosphere of a wedding party and to be paid for the job doesn’t seem so bad! What are the drives that told you to work as a wedding photographer?

That motivation is important in the long run because sooner or later, you can reach a point where you simply feel bored and burdened by the job. During those times, it’s important to take a step back and analyze your motivation.

The challenges

Who says working as a wedding photographer is easy? Any professional can tell you that just because the job is something they are passionate of, it doesn’t mean that it’s cotton candy and smiles all the time! There are always guests trying to take over your job by crowding around the photographer, preventing you from taking pictures properly.

There are also moments when the weather simply hates the party and makes it impossible to take decent outdoor pictures. You are forced to think of ways to look at the interior of the building in different ways. And then there are ungrateful clients who are just looking for chances to sue you for whatever subjective reasons they could think of.

Suing is a pretty rare happening, though, as we ask Paul Grace Photography about it. Most clients don’t want to make their only wedding party in their life to end up in court just for money! But the others can be pretty real! It’s wise to know what you are about to face and to prepare.


No one will want to leave the responsibilities of taking wedding pictures to inexperienced individuals. Remember that this is a job where you are immediately shoved with a big responsibility and there is no ‘beginner’ zone for it. You need to get enough experience as a photographer in general or have enough by working with a professional gay wedding photographer.

Your clients have only one chance to do it right and they will be very careful in choosing their wedding photographer. Budget is limited, but many are willing to spend extra and more to find a reliable person, can you be that person?

Stay original!

When you’ve shot hundreds of weddings already, there might be times when you just want to cycle your ideas and… other people’s ideas. It’s pretty tempting because photographers cannot trademark poses they use on their model. Avoid doing this.

Be inspired by the work under other people as a gay wedding photographer and regularly train your creativity if necessary. Yes, it can be trained. Looking up for works on a wedding venue, for example, shouldn’t prompt you to use the same pose, but to be inspired to think of something better and different!